Information for All Competitors

Connecting to BLCKBOX Servers

To join a BLCKBOX Championship Event find our servers in the "online" tab by using the search feature and typing "blckbox" in to it. You will also find "Join" buttons throughout the website.

Please be aware! In order to compete in one of our championship events you must pre-register, and select your car in order to join a session.

If you have registered to compete and you are still getting this issue, please contact tech-support on our Discord channel or simply try connecting again immediately after, as this often fixes issues with registered competitors.

Race Control is always open to competitors on our Discord server for support during scheduled championship events.

Required Apps

Championship Details, Mods, Cars and Tracks can be downloaded via Content Manager once connected to the server or they are available for download from this website. We highly recommend all competitors download the required cars and tracks before an event in order to practice at home, get used to the car and track and to allow you time to make any car setup changes to suit your driving style.

DO NOT directly modify the cars or tracks as it will be detected by our server in order to prevent cheating and you will not be able to compete.

BLCKBOX Servers run very specific BLCKBOX Modded versions of cars and tracks. It is highly recommended you download the Car & Track Packs for this session directly from the website or directly through Content Manager when you connect to ensure you have the latest compatible versions.

Our server sessions also require you to be running the most recent versions of Content Manager, CSP, Sol and Real Penalty (links below).

Checksum Errors

Checksums are important as they ensure that the client is running the same data as what is on the server. It is used to help prevent cheating by modifying the car data or track.

Can't compare checksum

This means that the server has a file that the client does not and therefore it cannot be compared. This can be caused by either the server having additional layout files, or that the client did not install content correctly.

This error occurs during loading of the game and cannot be seen by the server.

Checksum failed. Kicked from race

This means that one or more files on the client does not match the files on the server. This can be caused by outdated content (on the server or client) or modified content. It is important to ensure that content used is up-to-date and matches any download links provided by the server.

Missing Content

Downloading Content from Content Manager to join server sessions is simple. Open Content Manager (CM) and navigate to the server, if you're missing any mod content and the links are direct you'll see the "Install missing content" button. Pressing this button will download any missing content. This will activate the normal sequence for installing a mod in CM after clicking the button (the burger bar at the top right of CM should turn green and ask if you want to install the new content).

If the links aren't direct you will see links to all mod content in the CM description, if the Install missing content button doesn't work then try downloading the content from here.

Links to required content will always be available from this screen or by visiting the relevent Championship Event page on this website.