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    The tracks listed in this database are for archive purposes only and are not necessarily current versions, links to the authors webpage / website are provided where possible. We encourage all users of this resource to download mods directly for the original source to ensure the latest version with corrected physics, meshes and sounds.

    There are many discontinued or "lost/hard-to-find" asssets in this collection, please be respectful of the work the authors of this collection have done to provide these mods and slip them a coffee or two whenever you have the opportunity.

    Note to modders: Please ensure you correctly identify yourself using the assset Author, URL and Version meta tags provded in all Assetto Corsa assets to ensure visitors are directed to the correct location to download.

    We understand your frustration when your work is distributed without your knowledge or consent which is why we have set up this site to ensure that you receive the credit you deserve and encourage visitors to come direct to you instead of searching dubious link sites for a free fix.

    We will be opperating a fund to distribute to modders who are featured on this site in the near future as a means of providing some form of compensation for their time spent developing assets.